Winter is for babies too

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Did you know, that in Finland our little ones nap outdoors in their strollers even in the wintertime? We can trust in our expertly designed clothing to retain warmth in the fresh, crispy air! Layers of carefully chosen materials, a sleeping bag and perhaps a piece of fabric in front of the canopy together provide safety and warmth, just like a mother's arms.

One traditional, child friendly winter activity we think you shouldn't miss is sledging. Finnish kids have learnt to ask their parents for sledge rides from a very early age onwards. Some working moms and dads even start their days by pulling their kids to kindergarten on a sledge. There are sledges for small babies too - they come with a special design that helps the little ones sit up.


Oh, and here’s a little hint: Winter Wear Finland also rents woolen rugs. You can place one into your own stroller and magically turn your kid’s ride around town into a very pleasant one. Those warm furry rugs are fun on your sledging trips or forest adventures too. Don't forget to pack hot chocolate and a little snack along! Place the rug in the sledge or a wooden bench - perhaps just look for a tree stump - for a comfortable wintery picnic! Have questions or concerns? Feel free to email us, we are happy to help!