Wintery outdoor activities in Finland

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You may have a ready-made holiday schedule, or perhaps your visit to Finland evolves around business rather than leisure, but we figured we could share our ideas and likings as well. We will focus on things to do in or near to Helsinki, and gather up a few suggestions suitable for visitors of all ages.

For wintertime outings, you can naturally embrace the clean nature by yourself - there are many forests, parks and local activities to see. However, sometimes it's easiest to go with someone who knows where to be and when. We work closely together with Feel the Nature, an amazing company that arranges trips in the stunning Nuuksio National Park in Espoo. For example, a program for a lovely winter hike in the national park takes 4,5 hours. They pick you up down town of Helsinki, and bring you back as well. Very hassle-free and informative way of blending in with the Finnish nature.

For those who like to ski or skate: You know, just rent a pair of skis or skates and go for it! There are plenty of easily accessible places for these activities, you could check out a few options here on Visit Finland's page - why not go even for ice swimming and/or a public sauna! The Helsinki Icepark at Railway Station Square must be the easiest place to try on a pair of skates. The park is located right in the heart of Helsinki downtown, skates and instruction is also available.

Finland really is beautiful year around. We live by the old Finnish saying: good weather is just a question of appropriate clothing - so gear up and out you go! These are the views and experiences not to miss.