Have we got a product for you! These single use Toe and Hand Warmers are true game changers when it comes to comfortable winter outing on a cold day. They provide extra warmth for hours, and make sure you get to enjoy the wintery sceneries you came here for.

They are super easy to use, too. The warmers activate once you open the packaging, so give them a few minutes before wearing them. Each package includes one pair of warmers.

The Toe Warmers have an adhesive tape so they can be attached on the sock, under the toes. They are very slim so you can wear them without feeling anything else, but the warmth they provide. They keep warm for 9 hours after opening the packaging.

The Hand Warmers are slightly thicker little pouches, which you can just toss inside the glove and let the warmth flow where you need it. A little friendly hint: Some electronical devices tend to turn off on very cold Finnish days ... so you might want to add one of these warmers in your pocket too to keep that mobile phone alive! Hand warmers keep warm for 10 hours after opening the packaging.

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Vendor: NeverCold

Type: Product